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you'd think that when there is a holiday of sorts where food…

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you'd think that when there is a holiday of sorts where food preparation is involved, it would be the one time that my family would consider my eating habits. but no. instead this is the one type of instance where they conveniently ignore that i don't eat meat and leave me as the only family member who is ever forced to prepare food for herself because no one else thought to consider her. usually when this happens i just don't make anything and don't eat all day so they feel guilty and at the last minute make me something shitty so they'll maybe learn a lesson. but i've been doing that for five years now and they still don't get the point. i'm still left there, crouching in front of the cupboard at the last minute while my dad throws disgusting suggestions at me. but they still don't get it, so after helping my dad get the pork off the grill, i made myself some damn rice and vegetables when i could have otherwise been working on my ten-page research paper that's due tomorrow.
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