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I had a dream that i sold my soul for a dolphin training whistle.
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i can't bring myself to write these essays when all i can think about is something i have absolutely no control over.
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my dad thinks i clean my room every time i get a new boyfriend. he asked me today when i was cleaning my room if this is true. apparently not, but it made me laugh. my mom told me that my sister's ex and i would make a good couple. what the hell?

little purple bits are not blueberries.

* * *
umbrellas and haikus and blue, blue, blue.
* * *
i've had dead hermit crabs in their tank on my dresser in my room for at least a few months.

i just ate one of those bread sticks with cheese dip things after brushing my teeth and i don't intend to brush them again.

i recently bought vitamins and i didn't check the label closely enough to find out that there's gelatin in them but they're so delicious that i don't care.

i hate infusium. i. hate. infusium. i want my thermasilk back.

i spent way too much money on clothes tonight (nope...higher.)

i'm a hypocrite and a liar sometimes.

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I'm trying to condition myselt to stop associating music with people. Maybe then I'll actually like it.

I know damn well why I won't sing in front of people and I don't think I've ever told anyone the reason.

* * *
i like
when people write
in prose
and press
enter every once
in a
while and call
it poetry. it's
* * *
Every once in a while i have the radio on in the bathroom while i take a shower.  The past six (i'm guessing here) times this has happened, the acoustic heyya what have you comes on. it's getting a bit eerie.
* * *
How fair and beautiful are thy locks!
How lustrous, sheen, and flowing!
Whene’er I see thee in sunlight,
My heart, I swear, t’is glowing!

For, have thee soul or have thee not,
Thy mane will never be forgot!
As night is night and day is day,
Fore'er in my heart, thy hair will stay!

* * *
I stayed awake until my dad got up to get ready for work. he's in the shower. now i can't brush my teeth or pee before i go to bed. tomorrow will be wonderful.
* * *
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